Falling Leaf earrings

Falling Leaf Earrings


Fabulous earrings inspired by ‘Reflections on Tradition’ and made with the new Pure Leaf pendants and mini-beads. The trend for earrings are big and bold and now that Swarovski Crystals don’t have the lead content they are much lighter, so these pretty earrings won’t weigh you down. Combine the red and green with dark wood beads or choose the new Crystal Blue shade for a more subtle colour scheme.

You will need:

Swarovski Elements:

Pure Leaf Pendant 6734, 4 x 14mm, Crystal Red Magma (001REDM)

Pure Leaf Pendant 6734, 2 x 23mm, Fern Green (291)

Mini round bead 5052, 6 x 6mm, Fern Green (291)

Mini round bead 5052, 8 x 8mm, Fern Green (291)

Xilion bead 5328, 6 x 4mm, Jet Nut (280NUT2)

Wooden beads, 14 x 6mm round, Tiger Ebony

all available from www.e-beads.co.uk

0.315 mm brass wire

Brass or antique copper earring wires, two

  1. Cut three 20cm pieces of brass wire. Feed one piece of wire through the hole in the Fern Green leaf pendant and then wrap around several times to secure. Trim the tail. Repeat for the other leaf pendant beads.Image
  2. Pick up an 8mm Fern Green mini round bead, two 6mm wood beads and a 6mm Fern Green mini round bead onto both Red Magma leaf wires. Image
  3. On the Fern Green Leaf pendant wire, pick up a 4mm Jet Nut XILION, 6mm wood bead, two 4mm Jet Nut XILION, two 8mm Fern Green mini round beads, two 6mm wood beads and a 6mm Fern Green mini round bead.
  4. Use a piece of tape or a bead spring to stop the beads falling off the centre wire strand. Missing the 6mm mini round bead, pass the wire from one of the side strands down through the top two wood beads on the centre strand.Image
  5. Pass the wire back up through the top two beads on the side strand. Then take the wire across to the centre strand again and pass the wire up through the mini round bead.Image
  6. Pull the wire through so that the beads are sitting snugly together but not too tight. Repeat the process with the other side strand. Pull the wires through so that you end up with three wires coming out of the top of the earring.Image
  7. Select two of the wires. Use round-nose pliers to create a loop leaving a small gap underneath. Wind the two wires under the loop a couple of times to secure. Wind the single wire up several times to fill the gap. Trim both ends neatly. Make a second earring in the same way. Open the loops on the earring wires and attach to the wire wrapped loops you have just made.Image

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