Neon Rope Necklace

Neon rope necklace


Neon is a very strong trend just now and the new Neon Crystal Pearls with their stunning matt finish are just fabulous to work with. Inspired by the Progressive theme, the necklace is created with a piece of mountaineering rope purchased by the metre online. The necklace sits like a halo around the neck and looks quite spectacular. I added the capri blue crystals to the neon pearls and new light turquoise crystals so that the rope and beads worked together. Use the instructions below to find out how to cover the raw ends with felt and wrapped cord.

You will need:

Swarovski Elements:

5139 Ring bead, THREE size 12.5mm light turquoise (263)

5050 Oval bead, THREE size 14 x 10mm light turquoise (263)

5050 Oval bead, ONE size 22 x 16mm light turquoise (263)

5000 Round bead, THREE size 10mm light turquoise (263)

5810 Crystal Pearl, FOUR size 10mm, jade (001 715)

5810 Crystal Pearl, FOUR size 8mm, neon yellow (001 734)

5810 Crystal Pearl, EIGHT size 6mm, jade (001 715)

5810 Crystal Pearl, TWELVE size 4mm, neon yellow (001 734)

5810 Crystal Pearl, SIX size 3mm, neon yellow (001 734)

5052 Mini bead round, THREE size 8mm light turquoise (263)

5052 Mini bead round, FOUR size 6mm light turquoise (263)

5328 XILION crystal, EIGHT size 6mm capri blue (243)

5328 XILION crystal, NINE size 4mm capri blue (243)

available from

60cm length of 11.5mm neon climbing rope (Tachyon Green/Blue)

available from

1mm turquoise hemp cord

turquoise felt

turquoise beading thread (Nymo or S-lon)

double-sided tape

  1.  Cut a 60 cm piece of 11.5mm neon rope. Thread a needle with a 2m length of beading thread (S-lon, Nymo) that tones in with the beads and rope. Secure the thread invisible at the centre point using two or three tiny back stitches.
  2. Bring the thread out at the centre of the rope on the bottom edge. In reverse order thread on some beads in light turquoise, cobalt blue, jade and neon yellow to create a strand about 5-6cm long ending in a 3mm neon yellow crystal pearl. Image
  3. Miss the crystal pearl and go back through the other beads till you get to the rope again. Take the needle directly through the rope and pull the thread taut.
  4. Take a diagonal stitch through the rope so that the needle comes out about 1.5cm along. Pick up beads again in reverse order to create a slightly shorter strand about 4cm long. Miss the last bead and go back through the strand. Take a diagonal stitch ready to create the next strand.
  5. Continue to create 4 strands to the right of the centre strand. Take the thread through the rope invisibly and create 4 strands on the other side in the same way. Sew in the thread ends securely.Image
  6. Check the length of the necklace and trim the rope ends with a sharp craft knife. Wrap hemp cord around the rope at an angle in a random way, winding through the bead strands and round to the other side. Secure with a little double-sided tape.Cut two 2.5cm circles of felt and notch the edges.Image
  7. Fold over the ends of the rope to hide the raw edges and stitch in place. Sew a small split ring to the centre of each piece of felt so that you can attach a fastening. Sew into the rope to make it really secure.
  8. Image
  9. Apply more double-sided over the sides of the felt. Wrap the ends of the rope with a traditional wrapping technique: make a loop over the end of the rope, wrap back up to the end of the rope quite tightly, feed the tail you are wrapping through the loop and then pull the bottom tail until the loop disappears inside the wrapping. Trim both tails.Image
  10. Attach a lobster clasp to one of the split rings to finish. Image

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