Swarovski Elements – New trends for winter 2015

This deep purple glamour necklace is inspired by the theme ‘Darkness of desire’. A large rivoli surrounded by seed beads and Xirius Chatons makes a fabulous centre piece. Macrame is used to attach cup chain and round beads and pearls to the the chain.
Using crystals with knitted fabric is a huge trend for winter 2015. Silk yarn was knitted as an I-cord and then threaded with paracord to keep the round shape before being knotted and plaited. The tubular twisted herringbone crystal rope uses the new Crystal paradise shine colour with tangerine and rose crystals for a touch of colour
Pointed square fancy stones and round chatons create the base for these elegant earrings. Montana, clear crystal and white opal are the colours for the new progressive theme ‘ the stillness within’.
Mini beads and painted cup chain create colourful bracelets
Rectangular Mini beads and painted cup chain create colourful bracelets for the theme ‘Art of Expression’. Both these bracelets use a simple square knot macrame to secure the beads to the ultra suede base.


  1. blondorothy says:

    Thanks for your kind comment Joanna – always fun making the pieces with the new colours!

    1. Joanna says:

      So, so love the new Swarovski colours and Patina too :0)

  2. Belle says:

    Love the colours

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