Pretty perfect plaited bracelets

How to make

These pretty plaited bracelets are quick to make if you have some 1mm leather cord and chain in your workbox. I used fastenings that have a 2 x 5mm hole – either this hook style or a magnetic fastening. You can buy the 8mm round crystals from my ETSY shop.

I threaded ten 8mm round Swarovski Crystals onto a 25cm length of fine snake chain then cut four 25cm lengths of leather cord. Secure the leather and snake chain with a few twists of fine (0.3mm) wire at one end.

Add ten round crystals and secure end with a spring fastener to stop them falling off. Separate two pairs of cords to either side of the snake chain. Begin to work a three strand plait – *push a bead up to the top of the plait. Work round the bead: take the left pair of cords into the middle between the snake chain and the pair of cords on the right. Then take the right pair of cords over the left cords into the middle. Finish the sequence bringing the snake chain (now on the left) into the middle between the two pairs of chain. Repeat from * until all beads are added.

Secure the plait with fine wire again and check length as you may need to add one or two more crystals. Secure a length of chain onto the wire at the top of the plait and simply wrap it around randomly down the length. Secure at bottom end. Trim the leather and glue into your fastening at each end with epoxy resin.

Wrap the wire once or twice between the crystals
Buy a kit to make a matching crochet stacking bracelet

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