A gem of a crystal – Emerald Cut

The Emerald Cut first appeared as a bead and pendant in 2016, the flat back version in 2017 and this year we’ve got the sew-on stone. Sew-on stones have 1.5mm holes at each end making them perfect for threading cords and adding jump rings. Heart shaped sew-on stones were ideal for bracelets but the beauty […]

Crystal Clever Floral Sash

Ribbon flowers are so easy to make and this design, which I made to showcase the Swarovski 2018 spring/ summer innovations in London earlier this year shows just what an impact you can create. These exquisite pear shaped fancy stones and little round stones are from the new Crystal Shiny LacquerPRO range – the colour names […]

What crystals are heart shaped? Your guide to Swarovski Hearts.

Let your heart shine Every Valentine’s Day hearts become the motif of the moment but it is a incredibly beautiful shape to design with any time of the year.  How many different heart shaped crystals do you know about?  I’ve had a look see and decided to show you some of the different heart crystals available from Swarovski to help in […]

Checking for errors…

It is perhaps inevitable that mistakes creep in to beading books as there are so many diagrams to check and double check. One error (see below) in a diagram flagged up when my Knotting and Braiding Bible was translated into French recently but over the Festive season I got a lovely message from a lady […]

Travel Age

My take on this fabulous Swarovski theme – ‘Offset by Crystal Copper, the simple beauty of blue-based hues offers refined simplicity in the modern romantic design direction’. The final piece finished in time for next week’s Swarovski Launch in London featuring the new cross tribe fancy stone and new royal green rivoli. I seem to have thrown so […]

Pastel Pearls

Inspired by the Work Life theme for the new Swarovski 2017 A/W collection, I’m making a stacking set of different chunky bracelets that should transform into a big bold necklace… well that’s the plan! I spotted this tubular pattern from Nicole Starman and thought it would work well with 3mm Crystal  Pastel Yellow pearls and the […]

Swarovski Spike Pendant revisited

The Swarovski Launch for Autumn/ Winter 2016 is introducing fabulous colours and shapes and revisiting some favourites such as the gorgeous patina coated spike pendant. Such a beautiful Autumn colour scheme, enhanced with pearlised Silversilk cord from www.i-beads.co.uk #swarovski, #spikependant, #crystals #silversilk #seedbeads