Crystal Clever Floral Sash

Ribbon flowers are so easy to make and this design, which I made to showcase the Swarovski 2018 spring/ summer innovations in London earlier this year shows just what an impact you can create. These exquisite pear shaped fancy stones and little round stones are from the new Crystal Shiny LacquerPRO range – the colour names […]

What crystals are heart shaped? Your guide to Swarovski Hearts.

Let your heart shine Every Valentine’s Day hearts become the motif of the moment but it is a incredibly beautiful shape to design with any time of the year.  How many different heart shaped crystals do you know about?  I’ve had a look see and decided to show you some of the different heart crystals available from Swarovski to help in […]

Soutache Swarovski style

As someone who loves incorporating textiles into jewellery designs, these soutache earrings (one would make a brilliant pendant) were just a joy to make – featuring some fabulous fancy stones such as the pretty powder blue oval as a centre piece – and so easy to make in simple stages. Find out how in the […]

Micro-macrame with Swarovski Fancy stones

Micro-macrame is a fantastic technique for creating jewellery as it creates a really firm base for the beads. Full instructions for the macrame, including step photographs are in the magazine. There is also a cuff style bracelet and Fancy stone earrings to match…

Swarovski Crystal Bib Necklace

Bib-style necklaces are one of my favourite styles as they are relatively easy to make, being essentially simple bead embroidery, but really deliver on the wow factor. #Swarovski, #Createyourstyle,#make&selljewellerymagazine Air blue opal and fuchsia contrast beautifully with the clear crystal fancy stones. Full instructions are in the May edition of Make and Sell Jewellery magazine.

All ready to go

Finally finished the last piece for the Swarovski Launch and all ready to go. This year the main theme is Traces of Time with four sections: classic (faded memories), romantic (sunset rituals), progressive (vivid moments) and glamour (forgotten dreams). Can you tell which design comes from which theme? If you get a chance next week […]

Micro macrame bib

I’m just finishing adding the Fancy Stones and beads around the micro macrame to create the bib design. The piece has been designed to showcase the Romantic trend for the launch of the new Tangerine colour of Swarovski Elements. It works well with light silk, rose gold and these fabulous petrol blue pearls.