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A gem of a crystal – Emerald Cut

The Emerald Cut first appeared as a bead and pendant in 2016, the flat back version in 2017 and this year we’ve got the sew-on stone. Sew-on stones have 1.5mm holes at each end making them perfect for threading cords and adding jump rings. Heart shaped sew-on stones were ideal for bracelets but the beauty of the emerald cut is that it can be added horizontally or vertically and so perfect for pendants and earrings too.

Look at the selection of jewellery at the end of the post for ideas.

Make a simple bracelet with wax cotton or leather (steps instructions below) or add to a macramé bracelet featuring the new hexagon spike beads (5060).
two bracelets

emeraldbits YOU WILL NEED

Emerald Cut Sew-on stone 3252 14 x 10mm

1mm Wax cotton cord or leather 1m

Two silver-plated cord ends 3 x 7mm


  1.  Cut two 25cm lengths of wax cord or leather. Bring the cord up through a hole on the bead and take the tail underneath the main cord.
  2. Take the tail over both the main cord and the tail again and then down through the loop you formed. Pull overhand knot up taut and repeat the knot on the other end so that both tails are on same side.
  3. Add the remaining length of cord  and trim so that the length is the same. Cross both cords over together so that tails are in the opposite direction.
  4. Repeat the overhand knot worked in steps 1 and 2 with both cords on one side, going around two cords this time – under then over and down through loop.
  5. Repeat with the other tails – again keeping the knot going in the same direction.  You can adjust the position of the slider knots you’ve just made. When the knots are together in the middle you should be able to just put your hand through.
  6. Trim the tails to about 2.5cm. Add cord ends with flat-nose pliers, folding one side over first and then the other. Trim the loop off with heavy duty wire cutters. with flat-nose pliers, folding one side over first and then the other. Trim the loop off with heavy duty wire cutters.




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